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Mission Statements

The Mission of the San Benito CISD is to provide a premiere education for all students, through a positive and safe learning environment, so that its graduates are college, career, and workforce ready.

Vision Statement

The vision of San Benito CISD is to be the gold standard in all areas of public education.

Core Values Statement

San Benito CISD believes that:

  • All students can and will learn
  • All teachers can teach
  • High expectations for all encourage excellence
  • Resources to support students’ needs must be provided
  • Excellence in teaching and learning is vital
  • All students will be supported to pursue their passion upon graduation
  • Respect for all individuals is essential
  • A community with shared ownership, purpose, and commitment work well together


The Mission of the San Benito CISD Transportation Department is to provide the safest and most efficient pupil transportation services to our students, our schools and to our community. By completing this mission, we assure that we shall assist in our District meeting  its goals.


  • All Transportation personnel will insure that all students are transported to and from home safely.
  • All Drivers will achieve 100% route completion without incident or accident.
  • All Drivers will arrive on time at their assigned schools so that students are assured to receive 100% of planned instruction.
  • The Department will increase its linear density to the highest possible group.